RUB23 opend in june 2008.
Rub23 has as its goal to offer a diverse, simple and exciting option to a wide range of customers. We are open for lunch Monday-Friday from 11:30-14.00 and for dinner everyday from 17.30 . Rub23 can accommodate the most common group sizes of, for example, tourists and companies.

Rub23 is owned and opperated by one of Iceland most renowned chef Einar Geirsson. Einar was a memeber of the Icelandic national culinary team for years and was selected chef of the year 2003. Einar has participated in numerous culinary world championships and the culinary Olympics. He has been awarded several Gold and silver medal prices in them. One of Iceland largest seafood companie has repeatetly chosen Einar to create masterful seafood dishes from their products on trade fairs like European Seafood Exposition -World’s Largest Seafood Trade Fair and Siraha Salon mondial Restauration & Hôtellerie in Lyon. Because of Einars exeptional takes on seafood he was asked to develope Artic Char menu items for a restaurant chain in Florida. The Culinary Institute of America has asked Einar to host demonstrations and promotions for their culinary classes.

It is safe to say that you are in good hands with your seafood menu at Rub23.

Rub23 is mainly a seafood restaurant with variations of fish species and large variety of sushi and meat courses.
What makes the restaurant unique both in Iceland and internationally is the varied way in which the menu is put together, including ready-made spice mixtures that customers can choose from, the so-called RUB. RUB has become a well known term for spice mixtures that are either put onto or rubbed into food, as the name indicates. Thus the customer can first choose a particular ingredient, for example a special type of fish and then choose from a list of spice mixtures those he wishes to try. On the menu one can find favourite combinations of the chefs.