Restaurant Rub23 aims to offer a diverse, simple and attractive option for a broad customer base. In the evening we offer a wide selection of seafood, sushi dishes, great steaks and desserts to satisfy your senses. Open for dinner from kl: 17:30 every day Rub23 can receive most common size of groups, tourists and businesses.




Nori utan á - 8 bitar

TEN TEN THREE ( 10 pcs )

Tempura lobster, arctic char, salad, chili mayo

The Red diamond

Salmon, avocado, mango, salad
Kr. 2.990,- Kr. ½ 1.990,-

Crispy Spiderman

Tempura soft shell crab, salad, garlic sauce
Kr. 3.390,- Kr. ½ 2.190

Arctic Circle

Tuna tartar, avocado, ginger, sesame seeds, pineapple
Kr. 3.390,- Kr. ½ 2.190,-


8 pcs

Tropical Roll

Pineapple, mango, avacado, salad, tropical sauce
kr. 2.890,- Kr. ½ 1.790,-

Trump´s Crab Roll

Crab salad, chives, garlic, lemon, mayo, chilli
Kr. 2.890, - Kr. ½ 1.790,-

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken, bell pepper, salad, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce
kr. 3.290, - kr. ½ 2.290,-

The Pink Lady

Arctic Char, mango, bell pepper, black garlic mayo, unagi sauce
kr. 2.990 - kr. ½ 1.890


8 pcs

Surf and turf

Lobster tempura. Beef carpaccio, unagi sauce, magic pepper, garlic mayo
kr. 3.390 - ½ kr. 2.290-

The Inferno Roll

Salmon, mango, roe, chives, tropical sauce, chilli mayo
kr. 3.190 - ½ kr. 1.890-

The King of Nothing

Lobster tempura, salad, salmon, tuna, yuzu mayo
kr. 3.290 - ½ kr. 2.290-

Out of Order

Prawns, salmon, tomato, chilli, coriander, cream cheese
kr. 2.990 Kr. ½ 1.790,-


Koddar - 2 bitar


Kr. 790,-

Arctic char

Kr. 790,-

Tiger prawns

Kr. 790,-


Kr. 790,-


Kr. 790,-


Kr. 790,-


Kr. 790,-


Litlar rúllur - 8 bitar

Salmon maki

Salmon maki
Kr. 1.390,-

Tuna maki

Tuna maki
Kr. 1.390,-

Cucumber maki

Cucumber maki
Kr. 1.290,-

Arctic char maki

roll 8 pcs
Kr. 1.390,-

Mixed Hosomaki roll

Mixed Hosomaki roll 8 pcs
Kr. 1.890,-



Kr. 790,-

Mixed salad

Kr. 1.090,-

Wasabi peas

Kr. 790,-


Kr. 790,-

Main courses

All main courses are served with creamy garlic potato mash and fresh salad

Robata Grilled Main Courses

Robata grilled main courses are rubbed with Rub23 magic pepper and glazed with our special steak sauce, served with braised vegetables, house sauce and potatoes.

Black Angus striploin Beef steak 300g.

We recommend medium, slow roasted steak with good bite and fat
Kr. 6.990,-

Robata grilled salmon 220g.

Kr. 4.990,-

Filled of lamb 220g.

We recommend medium, soft and tender meat
Kr. 6.490,-

Beef tenderloin

We recommend medium rare, soft and tender meat

Robata grilled Atlantic Wolffish 220g

and smokey wolffish cheek tempura
Kr. 4.990,-


Tasting menu

Childrens menu

Main courses

Fish and chips

Kr. 1.490,-

Chicken bbq rub

with potatos and salad
Kr. 1.490,-


with, potatos and salad
Kr. 1.490,-


with, potatos and salad
Kr. 1.490,-

Sushi for the children

fish and vegetables
Kr. 1.490,-

Pan fried arctic charr

with sweet mango sauce, potato and salad
Kr. 1.490,-



With fruits and sauce
Kr. 890,-

Soft chocolate cake

caramel popcorn, praline ice cream
Kr. 890,-

Coffe beverages

Courses on this menu may contain nuts