Restaurant Rub23 aims to offer a diverse, simple and attractive option for a broad customer base. For lunch we offer a wonderful seafood, sushi and light meals with love leaned in mind. Open for lunch starting at. 11:30 to 14:00 weekdays . Rub23 can receive most common size of groups, tourists and businesses.

Lunch buffet ( 11:30-13:30 )

Light courses



The Red Diamond

Salmon, bell pepper, mango, salad
kr. 2.590 ½ 1.590

Sailing the Drama

Tuna, sriracha chilli sauce, pineapple, wakame, cucumber
kr. 2.760 ½ 1.890

Surf and Turf

Lobster tempura. Beef carpaccio, unagi sauce, magic pepper, garlic mayo
kr. 2.790 ½ 1.890

Tropical Roll

Ananas, mango, acacado, sald, tropical sauce
kr. 2.190 ½ 1.590

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken, bell pepper, salad, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce
kr. 2.690 ½ 1.790

King of Nothing

Humar tempura, salad, salmon, tuna, yuzu mayo
kr. 2.790 ½ 1.890

Main courses


Courses on this menu may contain nuts