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Opening hours for lunch
Thursday and Friday 11:30-14:00

Opening hours in the evening
All days from  17:00 - 22:00 +

Our spices

Invitation in chef´s mind

-Rub is a spice mixture used in marinating and seasoning.

-A variety of spices, seeds and gorgeous herbs spring to life
in our mind´s both when awake and dreaming.

-We rub our specially prepared, mystery blends into
the basic ingredients to satisfy your senses.

-Here we do not use recipes. Instead our instinct is given free reign, as
dictated by tradition among masters of culinary arts.

Magic pepper rub : Five types of peppercorns, coranader seeds, japanese mystery blend
Caribbean creole rub : Three types of chilli, bell pepper, herbs, garlic and specially made house rub mixture
Moroccoan arabic rub : Kardamon, fennel, fenne greek and more from the suitcase
Asian-fusion rub : Chilli, ginger, star anis, lime leaves and our five spice blend
Indian rub : Gram marsala, ginger, curry, curry leaves, coriander, cloves, pan marsala, lime leaves and more
Roasted garlic coriander rub : Coriander seeds, lemon, fresh coriander and roasted garlic
Citrus rósmarin rub : Fresh rosemary, lime, lemon zest and oil
Texas bbq rub : Specially made barbecue sauce with smoked oak
Garden herb rub : Lots of fresh herbs from the marked, garlic and lime
Sweet mango rub : Our mango chutney, papaya and sweed chilli sauce, mixed in another world
Soya lemmon rub : : Specially made Rub23 soya sauce, lime juice and oil