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Opening hours for lunch
Thursday and Friday 11:30-14:00

Opening hours in the evening
All days from  17:00 - 22:00 +


Rub23 was opened in June 2008 at Kaupvangsstræti 23 in Akureyri. In March 2010, the place moved to larger and more suitable premises at Kaupvangsstræti 6.

Rub23 aims to provide a diverse, simple, and exciting option for a broad clientele. The open is at noon from 11:30 to 14:00 every weekday and every day in the evening from 17.30. Rub23 can host groups of companies and tourist groups of most sizes.

The restaurant is run by owner Einar Geirsyn and he has many years of experience in the restaurant and cooking sector. Einar was in the chef's team for many years and was a chef of the year 2003, he has participated in world championships and olympics in cooking and won numerous awards, both gold and silver. Einar has participated in exhibitions in Boston and Lyon, worked with a restaurant chain in Florida to develop a charity dish, and has shown and presented at The Culinary Institute of America, to name a few. Einar has worked extensively for Samherji, followed the company on various events and has since 2006 participated in the International Fisheries Exhibition in Brussels where he has managed to cook, promote and serve Icelandic seafood.

Rub23 is primarily a seafood restaurant with a wide variety of fish species and a wide selection of sushi dishes, mixed with meat dishes.

However, it is one thing that creates the restaurant's unique identity in the Icelandic and international markets, but it is a diverse combination of menus with ready-made spices that customers can choose. RUB has become a known name for spice mixes that are applied and / or rubbed into the raw material, as the name suggests. This way, customers can choose their ingredients, fish or meat, and then opt out of the spice mix they want to try. On the menu are the favorite combinations of the chefs at any time.